Forum Title: cricket tamko valley install with questions for the pros
Hi gang, a ?roofer? botched my cricket. BADLY! Location, VA and NC border with some heavy rains and up to 12? of snow. I'm redoing it and have a couple questions for you pros. Before you tell me I'm doing this backwards, Here's my reason: I would have shingled the cricket side first since it?ll shed less water, but the curved turret and where the first shingle would have landed looked like trouble (and the Tamko tech rep advised I go the way I'm going), so I've done the lower slope (higher volume)side first. I have peel-and-stick in the valley and felt over the peel-and-stick. These Tamko shingles are ? so far ? done by Tamko valley instructions. Their next step is to proceed with what most folks call California cut and some call Tamko Valley. The only difference I see is the Tamko Valley doesn?t weave the first shingle of the 2nd side. The 5 photos are in zoom-in sequence. The first 3 are all as instructed for the first side of the valley, the final 2 are with the second side, first shingle, running up the valley and set back 2? from the valley as in the instructions (I'll trim it curved to fit to the turret before installing). Please see the photo attachments and give opinions on whether or not the next step flashing should go under or over the up-the-valley shingle (or if I should use closed cut instead, which makes the first question irrelevant). If I put the flashing under the up-the-valley shingle, it won?t be available to put directly under the final layer when I finish the cricket side of the valley with the regular runs. Should I NOT do a Tamko Valley here, but a closed cut? since getting 3 layers of laminated shingles all stacked up seems overdone AND since It's a 3/12 slope and some recommendations are to avoid CA cut in low slope roofs. Seems like closed cut would be fine, but Tamko doesn?t have that as an option.Thanks for ANY help!
Category: Roofing Post By: DEBORAH CLARK (Owensboro, KY), 02/03/2018

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