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Friday afternoon I get a phone call from a prospective customer. Here is how the conversation went in general. Can you come out and give me an estimate? I asked is it your residence? Yes is the response I bought it last year. I asked, ‚??Are you sure you need a new roof? ‚???Yes? is the reply, I started checking prices last year. The prices were so high I figured I would wait a year around the time things are slow to get a better price. I explained to him that material prices have increased and he might not get the bargain he had hoped for. I also informed him I had sold all my assets i.e. trucks overhead etc in the last few years. Explaining, I am the very best repair man in the business. I explained to him how we could proceed if he wanted me to R/R his roof and save money. Also volunteered to be a consultant if he thought my price was too high or wanted to hire someone else based on my explanation on how I would proceed. I'll see him early this coming week. I'm thinking he has a match or beat legitimate roofing estimate. All that hot air just to ask how you would handle this?? B) ? ? B) Deep Down In Florida Where The Sun Shines Damn Near Every Day
Category: Roofing Post By: ROSA CHAPMAN (Garland, TX), 02/19/2018

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