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Hello all My city was affected by a hail storm about a month ago which damaged our roof and gutters. The insurance company came out and determined that I needed a new roof and we proceeded with a company that had a BBB accreditation and insurance. Yesterday while I was working from home, the roofers hit a plumbing pipe in my second story bathroom with a nail. My ceiling quickly began leaking and I tried to catch as much of the water as I could. As soon as I would put out one container, I had to run and get another. In the meantime, my ceiling started wilting at the seams. The project manager came over and told me my containers weren't big enough to catch the water(I tried!) and that it isn't his responsibility to fix the work since my house is not up to current code but he would try and make us whole. My house was built 30 years ago... I just bought it in January and passed inspection on it. He sent out a plumber friend to fix our issue which involved cutting a hole in the wall. He is now sending out a Sheetrock man to look at my weeping ceiling and to repair the hole. He is hesitant when discussing my buckling floors though. We currently have a dehumidifier in my house since last night which was delivered 7 hours after the leak. I am so happy I was working from home because if not my house would have been a disaster area. I was able to get the water shut off on my house a few minutes after I saw the leak(I am a lady and had to get some help ) I have a few questions: 1) Would it be his responsibility to fix my ceiling and the floors? I concerned he is trying to get out of it. 2) how long does it take mold to grow? I am worried my whole ceiling will have to be ripped out. Please help. We went with this contractor because he was liscensed and insured but I feel like we may finish with a huge headache We still haven't paid him the final payment because he is not done the gutters. Thank you!
Category: Roofing Post By: JEREMY WATSON (Everett, WA), 02/08/2018

I have to be honest and say I‚m an inexperienced roofer. A sick one at that. I‚ve got the flu. I don‚t know the answers to your questions. I‚m sorry to hear about the situation you‚re in. I can‚t even begin to imagine what it had to be like to go through all that. It‚s a good thing you were home. I‚d be concerned about mold also. Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.

- AMY ALLEN (Gilroy, CA), 03/15/2018

Your best bet is to call a lawyer that handles these types of situations and see what they say. He did hit the pipe so he might be responsible. As far as the mold situation the time varies for each different type of mold, but some types can start growing within 24-48 hours of a water event. In most cases the growth may not become visible for several days. The key is to get everything dried as soon as possible.

- EDITH WHEELER (Pasadena, CA), 03/27/2018

I can sic my mother-in-law on them if you need. Free of charge. It‚s nice to get her out of the house from time to time. I‚ve been married since the end of the ice age and I‚ve never once needed a lawyer. All thanks to my mother-in-law.

- TRACEY QUINN (Centennial, CO), 05/09/2018

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