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Whew. A dissertation. Twill speaks. I find this to be a troublesome topic. Most homeowners just want the water kept out. Until there is an issue of course. (and damn the Utility bill! I own the stock!) Research and Solutions abound. Common sense principles and modern products allow for improvements. Ramblin? on. I've seen unvented/ minimally homes do just fine and the shingles last a long time. By minimal I'mean poor intake usually. Most every house has some number of exhaust vents. Yet when problems appear, I know right where to start looking. My experience: I have seen the results of poor ventilation vary greatly from building to building. I have also seen excellent ventilation perform flawlessly in every instance. The kicker, and I'mean the tie breaker, I'mean what puts a weak system into Mold, Ice Dam, damaged decking and of course higher utility bills ( But I own Utility Stock!) territory, is ??..heat loss. If the insulation level is low or the ceiling is showing, there are gaps where heat and moisture escape, the damage piles up. So while the architects will continue to ignore, the builders will talk, construction workers will keep damaging (Can't see it from my house!) and roofers will try to keep the water out, I'll keep scratching my head. The homeowners of course are about the same: They want to hear about standing seam AG panels(?????), Lifetime shingles (LOL), Ridge vent (unvented of course!), Ice & Water Shield (tons of it)and FREE ROOFS ( That's the truth). Somehow I am able to avoid dishonesty, while shooting myself in the foot at the same time. As Morrissey sang, ?Maybe in the next world, maybe in the next world?
Category: Roofing Post By: ANITA MENDEZ (Grand Forks, ND), 02/23/2018

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