I was promoted to a salary and commission job last summer, my dilama is their are four of us drawing a salary, i, another salesman, the secratary? oops, OFFICE MANAGER, and the owner of the company? alot of money going out but none coming in. We do only residential roofing and have done 3 since christmas.. 1 new const. and 2 reroofs. We have several jobs signed up but all want to wait till spring to let us do them. Sping around here means late april to mid may. Would you tell your employer that you would be willing to go on unemployment till spring at which time you would be rehired at same position, or would you just keep your mouth shut and keep drawing a check. I have worked for this employer roofing (shingler) for over thirty years. When i got the salary job i was well aware that during the winter there would be days of sittin in the office with nothing to do. I guess i just Can't justify sittin on my can and get paid for it. I have been told by everyone when i got in thi position, that i had paid my dues and deserved this job. Sorry for missing letters , batteries goin dead on keyboard.
Category: Roofing Post By: RONALD LOPEZ (Round Rock, TX), 03/02/2018

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