Forum Title: When was the last time you called off sick?
I almost called off yesterday. I‚m thankful that I don‚t have to work today. I‚ve got the worst case of the flu ever. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. If I don‚t feel better by Monday, I‚m going to have to call off sick. When was the last time you had to call off sick? I hate doing it. But, I don‚t want to get everyone else sick. Plus, I can‚t do my job feeling this way.
Category: Roofing Post By: TERESA STEWART (Temecula, CA), 02/19/2018

I think the last time I called in sick was when my first kid was born. It could have been after we had the second one. It‚s been thirty plus years. My wife didn‚t have a job and the kids were too young to go to school. I realized that I had to spend all day at home with my family. It was the last time I made that mistake again.

- KELLY BELL (Minnetonka, MN), 03/18/2018

Sometimes it happens. You have to think of the guys you work with. A single sick person can wipe out a whole crew. It‚s best for everyone if you‚re sick to stay at home. Make sure your boss knows you‚re not faking. No one likes to be short handed. But, more will miss work if they end up sick.

- ADAM KELLY (Salinas, CA), 04/05/2018

I‚ve done nothing but lay in bed all day long. Now I‚m not even tired. I‚m still feeling pretty sick. I called my boss and told him I wouldn‚t be in today. He wasn‚t exactly thrilled. But, he seemed to understand. This is the first time I've ever called off sick.

- LORRAINE DAY (Rochester, MN), 05/20/2018

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